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This is a fun RPB wiki for all wiki users who love RPing. Make your own RP character and Role Play Battle with them in chat. Meet new people, have fun. Talk, battle, and adventure with like-minded role players!

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Join the community! You can have fun here by making your own fighting character. The you can choose the side you fight for; good or evil. Join, or start a team! After we have enough people, we will begin!


We want to make the best RP wikia ever with a storyline and a plot. You can help us by joining the wiki and create your own charcter and make your own team, or join a team that is already here on the wiki!

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This is a new wiki, please help to expand he wiki and enjoy!
Thanks goes to everyone who is working hard on improving the wiki!
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"For those I must protect, I will not fail!"


Personality: Roy is an upstanding, thoughtful, and idealistic...
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